long·ing ˈlôNGiNG


1. a yearning desire. 
2. characterized by earnest desire.
3. dwell in thought, yearn.

You know the indescribable feeling you get when you watch a really good movie, or read an inspiring story, or see a powerful piece of art? That is why I work in film. I am inspired by art and films that evoke emotion. I want to be a part of work that is recognized and valued because it stirs emotions in people. I love that I can react on my own instincts and feelings in my work and see results. Collaborating with people and bouncing ideas off each other in the moment really inspires me as well and creates genuine art and collaboration.  

Starting at a young age, I saw the world through the lens of a camera. Some people talk about the soundtrack to their lives, but for me everything in life was a movie and I was the filmmaker. In second grade, I had to write a book report and in the library I found a biography on Steven Spielberg. I knew about Spielberg because he and George Lucas had created the Indian Jones films. What caught me was that Spielberg mentioned that when he was young his mom used to make fake blood for him for his home movies, which was exactly what my mom had done. It was after reading this biography that I knew I wanted to make films. 

I studied film at SAIT for two years. The year following graduation I travelled to Africa and Guatemala doing volunteer film projects and upon arriving back in my homeland I started working for a video production company and remained there for three years. 

To me, this is merely the prologue. I look forward to seeing what a career in film has in store for me and how you and I can work together. 




Photos by Damien Blunt, David Whyte and Marc Vieweber