In the dead of winter we have to fuel our own creative fires once and a while. This year I had the idea of putting together a couple of videos to feature some local artists and musician friends of mine. The "Empty Room" series took shape in late February early March. 

Part 1, became a music video for Calgary band, Young Neighbours. One of the challenges in shooting this video was that we could not get all the band members together at the same time that day so, I took some inspiration from the long takes in "Birdman", and decided to try my own version of covering cuts. The video looks like a single take, yet was actually multiple shots.

Part 2, features the music of Sarah Houston, a beautiful song called "Memories". While working on a commercial a few months ago I met a local actress and dancer Julianna Enciu, and immediately imagined a dance piece featuring one long take take using a stabilizer set up. I really wanted to run and float with Julianna, I felt that following her would create a focus on the dancing and capture the viewer in a different way.

A behind the scenes photo here (photo credit David Whyte) show just how close and fluid I had to be with Julianna to keep the shot moving the whole time!

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